This page is intended to hold a variety of resources that are either helpful to a future self, or students in similar positions to where I once was. Most of the material here was born out of either feelings of “Man, I sure wish this information were easier to find” and “I have no idea what I’m reading right now, and have completely lost the bigger picture.” My emphasis here is “value added”, as I will try not to replicate educational material well documented elsewhere on the web or in textbooks. Rather, I will point you to those resources when necessary and elaborate when I find fit.

That said, I really do hope you find these materials helpful, and I would love your feedback as to things you found helpful, and possible improvements (errors or organization). Cheers!

Data Analysis

Title R SAS
Introduction to Language R  
Reading in data R SAS
Introduction to Mixed Models R  

Visual Introductions to Statistics



Web Development

Further Resources